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Abortion, should it be legal?

By: Luis Plazas

You may ask why we have to reproduce? Maybe because like machines, humans wear out. And as a human wear out they have the need to create a new life. For creating a new life the process that humans have to do is Reproduction.


For reproducing humans have a special kind of cell called gamete, gametes are haploid cells that combine each other with the partner ´s gamete for producing an embryo which develops in the women’s utero, and finally it becomes a baby.

In medicine abortion means ending a pregnancy prematurely, often the parents take that decision to practice abortion for many reasons which can be:

  • ·         Unwanted pregnancy
  • ·         Lack of monetary resources
  • ·        
  • ·         For avoiding the baby to be born with health problems or genetical diseases
  • ·         Selectively reduce the number of fetuses to lessen health risks associated with multiple pregnancy



Since conception, inside the woman’s body is life, which means that when you make abortion you are killing a life and that is illegal. There are many opinions about abortion, if it should be legal or it may be banned? Some people say that it is totally legal because the fetus haven’t been born yet so it is not considered as life, but some other people refute saying that since conception there is a life inside the woman’s body and that no one has the right to finish that live.

There are different types for practicing abortion, which are:

Spontaneous: or miscarriage is the expulsion of an embryo or fetus because of accidental trauma or by natural causes aprox. before the 22nd week of gestation. Most spontaneous abortions are caused because incorrect chromosomes duplication and because of environmental conditions. This kind of pregnancy often occurs so early in pregnancy that the woman doesn’t even aware that she was pregnant.


Induced: A pregnancy can be intentionally induced in many manners; the way varies depending on the age of the fetus, because as it becomes older it grows more and more. There are many ways and methods for practicing induced abortions, which are:

Medical: medical abortions are pharmaceutical abortion practiced in a non-surgical way. When used about 49 days gestation, approximately 92% of women make use of medical abortion with a regimen completed without surgical intervention.

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